The pop-country trio's singer, Kimberly Perry, catches up with EW before heading for the 2016 Olympics

By Madison Vain
August 10, 2016 at 03:42 PM EDT
Rick Diamond/ACM2016/Getty Images

Singer Kimberly Perry dishes on getting ready to perform with her brothers, Neil and Reid Perry, on TODAY‘s Olympics broadcast on Aug. 11, plus the group’s new single “Comeback Kid” and what fans can expect from their third LP.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: “Live Forever” is the official Team USA song. How did you guys react to the news?

KIMBERLY PERRY: The U.S. Olympic Committee called the night before we performed the song on the TODAY show, and it involved some jumping up and down, maybe some shouting in the hotel—then we got embarrassed that we were being too loud. [Laughs]

You’ll also be performing in Rio for the Olympics. Did concerns over the Zika virus give you any pause?

Absolutely. We’ve been keeping an eye on that for the past few months, and a couple guys in our band and crew whose wives are pregnant are sitting this one out. But the only baby in the future of the Band Perry is our album, so we’re pretty safe for the time being.

If you could compete in any Olympic event, which would you choose?

If I were even remotely athletic, I’d want to be a gymnast and do the floor routine. I love that.

You just released a new single, “Comeback Kid.” What does this song mean to the band?

If you’ve followed our story, you know that we’ve gone through quite a transition. [The group split from Big Machine and signed with Mercury Nashville/Interscope this year.] And there were a lot of voices trying to tell their version of our story, so “Comeback Kid” is the live narrative of what we were thinking and feeling during those months.

What do you feel was most misconstrued?

There was this notion that the Band Perry was done with country radio and country fans. Never did we say that—they’ve been too good to us.

You’re working on the band’s third LP now. How’s it going?

The music is finished. It’s sort of like, however the first single goes, so goes the album release. So if we start moving quickly, then the album is right around the corner. We hope to at least have pre-order up by the holidays.

What can you tell us about the music?

The sentiment that we’re all on this crazy journey of life together—that’s a big [theme] that runs through the album.

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