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Fight of the Living Dead

Experiment 88 is not what these YouTube stars bargained for.

YouTube Red is launching Fight of the Living Dead, a new horror survival series that drops 10 online personalities into a simulated zombie apocalypse, forcing them to fight their way through an abandoned hospital. Pushed to their mental and physical breaking points, they’ll have to work together — or “die” together.

EW has the exclusive first trailer, which shows users FouseyTUBE, VitalyzdTV, BrittaniLouiseTaylor, and more, all wearing animal masks, being ushered into a sketchy laboratory. “What the heck did I sign up for?” MagicOfRahat asks in the trailer. The answer: 72 hours trapped in a shuttered hospital that’s been transformed into a nightmarish outbreak zone, complete with real rats scurrying through the halls and plenty of gory zombies running, crawling, and otherwise lurking.

Shanna, HowToPrankItUp, LifeWithJC, ThisIsACommentary, GirlGoneGamer, and Brandon Bowen fill out the team in Fight of the Living Dead, from Alpine Labs, Revolver Picture Company, BlackBoxTV, and YouTube Red Originals. The eight-episode series premieres Wednesday, Aug. 17 on YouTube Red.

Fight of the Living Dead
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