By James Hibberd
August 09, 2016 at 08:08 PM EDT

Sunday Funday. You’re the Worst helped popularize the whole drinking-plus-activites pre-Monday hipster ritual.

And now the show is ready to bury it.

The upcoming third season will indeed have the gang of the acclaimed FX comedy once again going out to celebrate Sunday Funday — but it will also be for the last time.

Explained showrunner Stephen Falk to critics at TCA press tour in Beverly Hills on Tuesday: “Sunday Funday, we have filmed it, it is back,” he said. “[The episode is] called ‘The Last Sunday Funday.’ That’s the episode title. We’re doing it again, and acknowledging that we’re doing it again, as these characters. Basically the characters realize that Sunday Funday’s been co-opted by the general public and now everyone’s doing it and there are signs advertising Sunday Funday mimosas and people wearing Sunday Funday shirts — as we’ve noticed in actual society and are thus vaguely ashamed of it, as we are. So we’re embracing all of that and doing it, but doing it for the last time. It’s scavenger hunt-themed. We’ll say that.”

You’re the Worst returns Aug. 31.