By Ruth Kinane
August 09, 2016 at 03:52 PM EDT
Xavier Laine/Getty Images

When swimmer Ryan Murphy won his first Olympic gold medal on Monday night in the 100-meter backstroke, he achieved a career goal he’d set at just 8 years old. Long before he was diving into pools and stepping onto podiums in Rio, Murphy had envisioned his success.

In a note shared by NBC, Murphy tells his parents of his grand dreams. 

“I hope my swimming life continues and I become an Olympian when I grow up,” wrote 8-year-old Murphy. “I hope I will break records. I want to be the best swimmer in the world. The end.”

There’s also a cute sketch of him standing on a huge gold medal.

The 21-year-old Team USA swimmer didn’t quite break the world record when he took gold on Monday, but he did set a new Olympic record, completing the race in 51.97 seconds. 

“That was a really fast final,” Murphy said in a statement through USA Swimming, according to NBC. “Everyone stepped up their game, and I was lucky that my game was a little bit better tonight. I’m super happy with the result, and it hasn’t really sunk in yet.”

Murphy’s back in the pool on Wednesday for the 200-meter backstroke — maybe this will be the moment he achieves his 8-year-old goal and breaks the world record.