PLUS: Actress says she's interested in doing a video game based on the films during Facebook Q&A


Milla Jovovich is just one more zombie slayfest away from completing her starring run across six Resident Evil movies, and she’s making the last go-round a family affair. In addition to her husband, Paul W.S. Anderson, directing his fourth movie in the series, Jovovich’s real-life daughter will take on a key role in the zombie series’ conclusion, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

The actress and model took to Facebook Tuesday afternoon to answer fans’ burning questions about her farewell performance in the last installment of the movies. She revealed The Final Chapter‘s new version of the Red Queen, a diabolical supercomputer whose holographic avatar takes the form of a young girl in the 2002 Resident Evil movie, is played by Jovovich and Anderson’s first child, 8-year-old Ever.

“It was so amazing to work with you. You are [an] unbelievably talented actress, more talented than I’ve ever been. It was an honor and a privilege to work with you,” Jovovich said, responding to a question Ever herself submitted (“Mama, how was it to work with me?”) during the Facebook chat. “You’re such a great listener and you understand what it is to be real and natural and organic, and I give you so much kudos for that… you keep impressing me every single day.”

Credit: Ilze Kitshoff

The film’s first trailer, released Tuesday morning, sees Alice (Jovovich) returning to the ominous underground facility in Raccoon City where the bulk of the first film’s (bloody) action took place.

“Alice, humanity will cease to exist unless you return to The Hive,” the Red Queen says. “I don’t trust you,” Alice responds. Conflict ensues.

Jovovich also teased her interest in appearing in a video game version of the Resident Evil films, now that the series is finished.

“Listen, that’s not a me question. That’s more a Capcom question, but I would love to,” she said. “When I first did Resident Evil, I was just a big fan of the game… I always wanted to play a video game character… I would love to see Alice kick butt on people’s personal computers. Let’s do it! If enough people write in, maybe they’ll do it.”

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter hits theaters Jan. 27. Watch the Facebook Live video below to see Jovovich gush over her daughter’s performance, dish on working with new cast member Ruby Rose (and returning actor Iain Glen!), ponder the whereabouts of Jill Valentine (“You’re going to have to watch the movie to find out!”), and detail the struggle of battling freezing temperatures and a horde of pesky baboons that infiltrated the film’s set during production.

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