See photos of a perfect miniature replica of her character's office

By C. Molly Smith
Updated August 09, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Jordin Althaus/Universal Television
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Some interns might end their terms with thank you notes. Others may say goodbye with coffee or drinks. But The Mindy Project intern? She bid adieu to boss Mindy Kaling with a miniature model of her character Mindy Lahiri’s office, and Kaling really loved it.

“Okay, this is insanely cool,” Kaling wrote on Instagram. “Our beloved #themindyproject intern, Rebecca (@rshaww) is finishing her internship and gave me this most amazing goodbye gift. Above: Mindy Lahiri’s office. Below: an artisan dollhouse miniature of the office.”

She continued, “It’s EXACTLY the same, down to the artwork and photos on the walls!!! The talented artist who did this is @dthomasfineminiatures. Rebecca you are my angel!!! now I just need to add sour straw sugar to the floor! My gift to Rebecca will be a fake ID to buy beer JKJKJKJK.”

Darren Scala of D. Thomas Fine Miniatures, the retailer behind the miniature, collaborated with the intern and artist Michael Yurkovic of Atomic Miniature, according to PEOPLE. “We talked about the significance of the office of Mindy Lahiri,” Scala told the outlet. “We knew this piece would make a great miniature and have the most impact as a special gift for Ms. Kaling.”

Special indeed. Interns everywhere, your move… and for more gushing from Kaling, see her Instagram posts below.

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