By Dylan Kickham
Updated August 09, 2016 at 07:40 PM EDT

Kate Nash is officially back on the pop music scene, and she brings your new feel-good anthem along with her. Three years after self-releasing her 2013 album Girl Talk, Nash has put out her latest single entitled “Good Summer,” along with its music video.

“Good Summer” is an upbeat, sunny pop song, in which Nash sings about “waitin’ all year to feel this good” over kickdrums and a relaxed guitar riff. The video features Nash and friends at a backyard party enjoying all sorts of summer activities: throwing water balloons, blowing bubbles, and tossing around a beach ball.

Though she’s been relatively quiet since putting out her third studio album, Nash was featured on HOLYCHILD’s song “Rotten Teeth” earlier this summer. She’s also preparing for a tour in the UK this October.

Check out “Good Summer” above.