By Clark Collis
Updated August 09, 2016 at 03:58 PM EDT
Credit: Jan Thijs/Broad Green Pictures
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Has Billy Bob Thornton’s Willy Soke matured like fine wine in the 13 years since Bad Santa introduced this safe-cracking Kris Kringle to cinema audiences? Or has he soured like old eggnog (assuming, for the sake of this simile, that that is what happens to eggnog)?

We’re going to plump for the latter, judging by the first trailer for Bad Santa 2 (out Nov. 23) in which Soke offenisively insults Tony Cox’s Marcus, berates a small child for the complexity of his Christmas wish list, offensively insults Marcus again, knees another Santa in the crotch, comments on the size of Christina Hendricks’ bosom, punches his own mother (played by the great Kathy Bates) in the face, and drops expletives at every conceivable opportunity.

Directed by Mark Waters (Mean Girls), Bad Santa costars Brett Kelly and Ryan Hansen. You can see the film’s NSFW red band trailer below.

Bad Santa 2

  • Movie
  • R
  • 92 minutes
  • Mark Waters