By James Hibberd
August 08, 2016 at 09:05 PM EDT
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Fox is defending its The X-Files revival last season, which some critics felt was wildly uneven.

EW gave the premiere of the sci-fi reboot a C- grade (others were even more harsh), though bestowed the third episode of the season an A grade, concluding the six-episode revival was “never better, never worse.” Many fans felt the bookending mythology episodes were clunky, stuffed with shouty exposition, while the stand-alone episodes seemed to recapture some of the 1990s series’ original magic.

“I actually think that the season, the six episodes, were strong,” said Fox entertainment president David Madden. “We worked hard with [creator Chris Carter]. The episodes represent Chris and his team’s vision. Everybody reads what they read, but if we have the opportunity to do more episodes, we will take our cue from Chris and his team and I think that there was some very strong work the previous season and we look forward to more. I would just add that the show was off the air for a very long time and was introduced to a variety of new viewers. There was still a lot of time to cover in these six episodes so they had the challenge of filling in the mythology and explaining where the characters were and how they got to where they are at the start of the six episodes. I think going forward there won’t be the same obligation to reset the series, but I will tell you that on our social platforms, the chatter is overwhelmingly positive and the fans want more episodes. I did read some negative reviews and I also saw some glowing reviews. So, like with most shows, I thought it was very mixed.”

Madden added he’s definitely trying to strike deals with all involved to get another season of the show. “There are significant talks going on with all three of the principals,” he said. “Schedules are hard but we’re working hard to get this done and we would love to get [another] season out.”

The next season of The X-Files would once again probably not be a full season, but executives say they’re aiming for about 10 episodes.

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