Stephen Colbert will not be “out authentic-ed” by Matthew McConaughey and his millennial-targeted Wild Turkey campaign, which is why the Late Show host started his own endorsement of Savage Cock alcohol.

McConaughey recently became the creative director and “storyteller” for the bourbon brand. By writing, directing, and composing music for new TV spots, his goal is to broaden the appeal of Wild Turkey to a larger audience.

“Matthew’s promoting Wild Turkey. In response I have signed on to write, direct, key grip, intern for, and craft service my own ad campaign for Savage Cock, 190 proof grain alcohol,” Colbert joked. “Y’all down with the Cock?”

Colbert also starred in his own spoof ad for the liquor, in which he said, “If we millennials hate anything, it’s solicitation. We don’t take kindly to being told what to buy or who to buy from. It’s why we wear clothes that look like they’ve been stolen from the grave of an Irish immigrant. And that’s why we drink Savage Cock.”

Watch the spoof in the video above.

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