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Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what’s coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. If you want scoop on a specific show, send your questions to

Any Blindspot scoop?! This hiatus is taking forever! — ablindspotter

After spending three months in a CIA black site being tortured, Jane isn’t too pleased with the mysterious organization she’s been working for. “Jane’s own allegiances are in play basiCally for the first part of the season,” executive producer Martin Gero tells me. “If the first seAson was about Jane Doe being a Trojan Horse inside the FBI, the second season is about her being a double ageNt Inside of her own organization.”

Do you have any scoop on the Arrow-Flash-Supergirl-Legends of Tomorrow crossover? — Bridget

It’s a bit early to reveal anything big just yet as Greg Berlanti tells me they’re just about to start breaking the crossover episodes. But the uber-producer did give me one tease to share with the masses: “I’m going to probably try to have one unifying threat, as opposed to different things on different ones, which is what the first year was,” Berlanti reveals. Who will be that threat? Share your theories in the comments!

Are we seeing more of the Owen and Amelia wedding in the Grey’s Anatomy premiere? — Poullete

The season premiere picks up right where we left off, but expect the Alex and Jo storyline to play a bigger role in the season opener. “In the first episode, it’s really wedding night, so Owen and Amelia are otherwise occupied,” Caterina Scorsone tells me. “And there’s a big piece of drama going on having to do with another storyline [with Alex and Jo] that I think is going to play for a while in the season. It’s very explosive, very exciting and interesting on social levels and personal character levels.”

Do you have anything Criminal Minds? — Arieta

Last year’s cliffhanger ended with serial killers who escaped, but were supposedly caught over the summer by Luke Alvez, the new character played by Adam Rodriguez. “There are still five out there when we come into the premiere,” EP Erica Messer says. “One of them is a guy Peter Lewis plays named Mr. Scratch. He is our baddie for the year. We will stretch him out and tell his creepy tales.”

Will we see the Evil Queen kill off a major character this season on Once Upon a Time? — Nicky

Well, that escalated quickly. The Evil Queen has other plans for the residents of Storybrooke aside from raining fireballs on the town. “She’s going after everybody,” Josh Dallas says. “She’s taking no prisoners. She’s really doing some mental manipulation with everybody, and it’s going to turn everybody inside of themselves. They’re going to have a lot internally to deal with.”

Anything about Flashpoint Caitlin on The Flash? Where does she work? What relationships does she have with Cisco & Co? — DPanabaker France

While Danielle Panabaker ponders, “Do they even know each other?” I’ve spotted a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of Caitlin in a lab coat in the Comic-Con trailer. So, just how different is this Caitlin from the one we know? “Totally different,” Panabaker says. “All the relationships are very different.”

According to Elisabeth Röhm’s IG, she is filming an episode of Hawaii Five-0. Do you have some scoop on that? — Belle

Yes, I can exclusively reveal that Law & Order alum Elisabeth Röhm is playing Dr. Margaret Gray, a police psychologist, who may be able to help McGarrett and Alicia hunt down a serial killer loose on the island.

Too soon to ask for Modern Family? — Filly

There’s another big Halloween-themed episode coming this season, but Jay causes a bit of controversy with his costume. “Jay’s big costume idea is him, Gloria and Joe are going to be Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and that leads to some problems,” EP Steve Levitan tells me. “Jay is going to be Jesus on Halloween.”

With Roman out of the picture, is there any chance Burgess and Ruzek will get back together on Chicago P.D.? — Kendra

Not likely. “There’s always going to be an attraction there and never say never, but I think we fully exhausted that storyline all the way up until being engaged,” EP Matt Olmstead says. “To revisit that might feel a little bit like a retread. They are both obviously very capable actors; we can give them some new storylines involving new characters.”

So does this mean Deb is not evil on Dead of Summer? — Kara

Tuesday’s episode certainly made it seem as though Deb is on the side of good, but just you wait. “In the second-to-last episode, we get the inkling that she knows more than she’s letting herself know or that she’s letting on,” Elizabeth Mitchell says. “We get this idea that there is something more to Deb than just this sweet woman who is trying to change her life again. It starts to look that maybe she might possibly be who she says she is, but then in 109, maybe she’s not.”

Best news I’ve heard all week: Nathan Fillion doing comedy on Modern Family… I’m in!

That’s a wrap on this week’s Spoiler Room. Be sure to email your questions to or tweet them to @NatalieAbrams.

Additional reporting by Lynette Rice.

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