Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The world officially has its first Pokémon master: Brooklyn-based Nick Johnson recently revealed that he’s caught every available Pokémon in Pokémon Go after traveling the world to do so.

In July, Johnson made headlines when he managed to capture all of the 142 Pokémon available within the United States. Though he caught ’em all within the U.S., Johnson was still missing the three creatures that are only available on other continents. To players’ knowledge, there are currently a total of 145 Pokémon available to capture — six legendaries within the original 151 are thought to be unattainable at the moment. Of these 145, four rare creatures can only be found on specific continents, making the process of collecting all of them very difficult.

Luckily for Johnson, Marriott Rewards and Expedia teamed up to book the promising trainer flights to Paris, Hong Kong, and Australia to complete his Pokédex. Johnson did not waste the opportunity, catching the three Pokémon he needed specific to those locales: Mr. Mime in Europe, Farfetch’d in Asia, and Kangaskhan in Australia.

Johnson officially completed his world Pokédex on Thursday by catching Kangaskhan.

Now Johnson is seeing if he can gain a look around Pokémon’s HQ in Japan. Who knows — maybe that’s where they’re hiding Mewtwo!