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Orlando Bloom set the internet aflame on Wednesday when naked pictures of the actor vacationing in Italy with girlfriend Katy Perry leaked online. Naturally, late-night hosts had a lot to say about this.

James Corden, for one, started off his monologue with a censored version of the photos. “One week ago Katy Perry was speaking at the Democratic National Convention. Now she’s paddle-boarding with a naked Orlando Bloom,” Corden said. “All I want to say is, if this is the kind of America Hillary Clinton is offering, I am in.”

True to form, Stephen Colbert chose to make a Lord of the Rings joke in his opening monologue. “I’m sure there was a practical reason for paddle-boarding al fresco,” Colbert said. “Perhaps he needed an extra rudder, or maybe he’s trying to tan his little Legolas.”

Colbert then pondered what else Bloom and Perry were doing on their vacation, providing Photoshopped versions of naked Orlando Bloom visiting the Sistine Chapel and going bungee jumping.

Later, Colbert brought up the photos in his interview with Jamie Dornan, who knows a thing or two about being photographed naked after starring in Fifty Shades of Grey. Colbert asked Dornan about coming in second in the U.K.’s “Rear of the Year” contest (he lost to Tom Hiddleston). The host also wanted to know who Dornan personally would’ve voted for in the contest, but after those pictures, there was only one real option.

“I probably would’ve voted for Orlando Bloom after today,” Dornan said.

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