Credit: Dave Mangels/Getty Images; BBC Planet Earth/Ben Osborne 2005

Netflix is laughing off a recent technology glitch that led to the hilarious crossing of Aziz Ansari’s stand-up special with a nature documentary.

Earlier this week, Reddit user benmeiri84 shared several screenshots from BBC’s Planet Earth in which “a glitch” caused the subtitles for David Attenborough’s narration to be replaced with subtitles from the Master of None creator’s Netflix stand-up special Aziz Ansari: Live at Madison Square Garden.

The error has been fixed now; however for a short period of time, Netflix customers watching Planet Earth‘s “Great Plains” episode with the subtitles on were treated to serene images of animals in nature juxtaposed with the Emmy nominated actor‘s comedic musings on creepy men and flakiness.

“Fun fact: @azizansari’s inner monologue is actually David Attenborough,” tweeted Netflix UK & Ireland on Friday. The tweet was accompanied by a 25 second compilation scenes from Master of None with Planet Earth subtitles.

In the end, this brief, yet hilarious, episode has taught us one thing: Ansari needs to narrate a nature documentary, prefeably in his Ja Rule voice. Check out all 30 of the hilarious Planet Earth screenshots here: