Christoph Waltz is a man of many costumes in a new ad that debuted during the Olympic opening ceremony and quickly went viral.

In the ad for a new Samsung phone, Waltz plays a dozen characters, including a mom on an exercise bike, an astronaut, a high school robotics student, a car salesman, and more, all while poking fun at Americans for being too busy.

“Americans, I don’t understand you, always working all the time,” the actor says in his Austrian-German accent. “You multitask so much, it’s just like regular-tasking at this point.”

But he changes his tune. “What has that tireless ambition ever gotten you, America?” he asks, before going on to list America’s achievements, including building a nation, establishing democracy, putting a man on the moon, and more, calling it a place “where dreams come true.”

See the ad in the video above.