Credit: adamlambert/Instagram

Adam Lambert is grunging up for his new role in Fox’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show remake, as evidenced by the first look at the character he shared on Instagram Wednesday afternoon.

The former American Idol contestant stars opposite Laverne Cox as Eddie, the ill-fated, motorcycle-driving ex-lover of Dr. Frank N. Furter. Meat Loaf played the role of Eddie in the 1975 musical. Judging by his gloomy snarl, Eddie isn’t someone you want to cross, as a full sleeve of tattoos, slicked hair, and loads of studded leather complete the look.

Victoria Justice and Christina Milian costar in the film, while original cast member Tim Curry, who previously played Frank N. Furter, takes on the role of The Narrator in the Fox version.

Fox released a trailer for the film in July, which teased the return of classic tune “Time Warp.”

Directed by three-time Emmy-winner Kenny Ortega (High School Musical), The Rocky Horror Picture Show premieres Oct. 22 on Fox.

Credit: Steve Wilkie/FOX
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