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MTV celebrated The Hills‘ 10th anniversary with a special titled That Was Then, This Is Now — but there was something notably missing: everyone but Lauren Conrad. (The network had no comment when EW asked why Conrad was the only one included.) And Spencer Pratt, as anyone who follows him on Twitter knows, was not happy about that.

“I don’t care if I wasn’t in it,” Pratt, who says MTV never reached out to him about the special, tells EW. “But at least do a real Hills reunion with the entire cast … It’s like, after 10 years, with all the real secrets, all the real juice, all the real behind-the-scenes, you’re just going to phone in some hokey little infomercial?”

While the special showed some never-before-seen footage from the series along with Conrad’s reactions, it also gave viewers a look at the star’s current life designing both a high-scale clothing line and one for Kohl’s. Additional commentary was provided by her parents, producer Sophia Rossi, and director Jason Sands, but none of the show’s alums appeared.

“Let’s get everybody on a couch on a beach in Cabo drinking tequila, letting the secrets fly,” Pratt suggests, adding that “there would have been no show without” Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, Kristin Cavallari, Brody Jenner, Pratt’s wife Heidi Montag, and his sister Stephanie Pratt. “They didn’t want any actual entertainment … They didn’t want anything entertaining, they wanted Lauren to say, ‘Oh my God, I’m so thankful for everything I learned, and oh my God.'”

He continues: “I feel like the fans were robbed. We’ve all heard Lauren talking about her clothes and it was nothing new on this special. There’s nothing breaking. Come on now. Reality TV’s better than that nowadays. Where is Andy Cohen? Where is Chris Harrison? Where is a real moderator?”

Despite his less-than-positive feelings about MTV’s decision, he claims he would have been on a special — and still would be — if they asked. “I would have swam from Santa Barbara,” he offers. “They just didn’t want it to be real, I guess.”

See his tweets about the special below.

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