August 03, 2016 at 02:20 PM EDT

Seth Meyers’ Donald Trump attacks are coming together. Last week, the Late Night host theorized that Trump isn’t revealing his tax returns because he’s secretly broke. On Tuesday night, Meyers once again made that argument, but this time, he gave the Republican candidate a way out. Meyers once again offered Trump the starring role in Chicago President, an NBC show where Trump could star as a TV president instead of actually having to do it in real life. Meyers has made this offer before; to make it stick this time, he even donned his own orange wig and performed a scene from the fake show. 

According to Meyers, Chicago President would be set in the present day, but would also feature a lot of flashbacks “that show how great you always were.” One such flashback would be a look back at Trump’s draft deferrals from the Vietnam War, recently reported on by the New York TimesIn the scene, a Trumpified Meyers is informed that the bone spurs in his foot prevent him from being ready for Vietnam. A downtrodden Meyers resolves to make a different sacrifice for his country.

“I will dedicate myself to that sacrifice,” Meyers said. “I will build buildings and put my name on them. I will become incredibly rich, and buy nice things for myself. You know, sacrifice.”

Watch the clip below. 

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