August 03, 2016 at 09:24 PM EDT

The cast of writer-director Daniel Noah’s film Max Rose boasts a deep bench of notable performers, including Dean Stockwell, Claire Bloom, Kevin Pollak, Illeana Douglas, Mort Sahl, and Kerry Bishé from Halt and Catch Fire. But Noah’s real coup was luring film icon Jerry Lewis out of retirement to play the title role of a musician who attempts to unravel a mystery concerning his recently deceased wife of 65 years.

“He had no agent, there was no way of reaching him,” Noah told EW earlier this year. “We tried a million ways to get through to him and we were shut down in every one. We finally discovered that he had an office in Las Vegas. So, we kind of cold-called and his secretary said, ‘He doesn’t make pictures any more. You can send the script, but he won’t read it.’ We sent it and expected never to hear from him again. While we were waiting he was given his honorary Oscar (in 2009). I remember sitting in front of the TV watching him and I thought, This is the closest I’m ever going to get to Jerry Lewis. About a week later, we get a call from him. He had read the script and he committed on the phone. He said, ‘Let’s make a movie,’ and we were off and running.”

Max Rose opens in New York on Sept. 2, and in Los Angeles on Sept. 9. The film will expand nationwide throughout September and October.

You can see the trailer for Max Rose, above.

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