By Joey Nolfi
Updated August 03, 2016 at 03:03 PM EDT
Bobby Bank/WireImage

The coffee shop: where you can now get your morning boost with an extra shot of Matisyahu.

Last week, Kekoa Alama, a Maui-based musician, was deep into an acoustic rendition of the singer’s song “One Day” inside a local cafe when another guest — Matisyahu himself — joined in.

“You’ve got a beautiful voice, man,” Alama said after they finished the song, seemingly unaware of who his impromptu duet partner was.

“Do you know who wrote that song?” Matisyahu asked, pointing to himself. “I’m Matisyahu.”

“For real? Oh, Jesus. What’s up my man? You look different!” Alama responded, referencing the performer’s blond hair and clean-shaven face. Matisyahu then offered to put Alama on the guest list for his performance later that night at the MayJah RayJah music festival, which took place July 29-30 in Honolulu and Maui.

“One Day” peaked at No. 85 on the Billboard Hot 100, and appears on Matisyahu’s 2009 album, Light. The single was certified Gold by the RIAA after its release. The song was also notably used in the trailer for the Sundance Award-winning documentary Waiting for Superman in 2010.

Watch the touching interaction in the video above.