By Christian Holub
Updated August 03, 2016 at 12:05 PM EDT
Credit: NBC

One of the most remarkable things about Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show is how many different kinds of games and bits the host squeezes onto his stage. But for his latest game, Fallon took guest Jonah Hill to the Art Students League to practice some art together. For the first segment, Fallon and Hill were presented with a bowl of fruit and instructed to draw a still-life. Hill focused on the artichoke, because “most fruit plates I put out don’t have an artichoke.”

Next, Fallon and Hill had to draw a nude model. In order to break the tension, Hill started pretending that the model was his father.

“We’ve only said seven words to each other throughout our lives,” Hill said. “Draw your handsome father before I die.”

After completing their nude drawings, Hill and Fallon moved on to drawing portraits of each other. They both actually turned out pretty well, if a little strange. Fallon drew a caricature of Hill’s bearded face, and Hill drew Fallon as if he was a naked model.

“You drew me completely nude?” Fallon asked. “Why?”

“That’s just how we do it in my family,” Hill said.

Watch the clip below.

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