August 03, 2016 at 07:00 PM EDT

Talk about a “Private Show”! Britney Spears gave Jimmy Kimmel the surprise of a lifetime when he woke up to the pop star performing her new single “Make Me”… with dancers… in his bedroom.

The epic prank, which airs in full on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, kicks off with Spears sneaking into the Kimmel house with a crop of male performers, one of whom is decked out in lights. Donning black hot pants and a tummy-bearing top, Spears is primed more for a dance floor than Kimmel’s bedroom — and yet she and her group make their way up his stairs. With one click on the sound system, Spears and her crew get to dancing with gusto. Meanwhile, a disoriented Kimmel looks around the room like he’s having a very weird dream.

The performance debuts on the same day Spears announced that her new album, Glory, would drop on Aug. 26. Her ninth studio release also features the new song “Private Show,” which fans can download after pre-ordering the album on Apple Music.

If Spears’ surprise looks familiar, it’s likely because Rihanna pulled a similar stunt back in April 2015. “Pranked in my sleep again. @BritneySpears & @Rihanna must be working together. See it on #Kimmel tonight #SneakPeek,” Kimmel tweeted.

Check out a tease of Spears’ hilarious appearance in the video above, and then catch the whole thing when Jimmy Kimmel Live airs Wednesday at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC.

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