The Lobster is still cooking.

Despite opening back in mid-May, Yorgos Lanthimos’s deadpan comedy continues to hang on in theaters. Starring Colin Farrell as a single man at risk of being turned into an animal unless he finds a girlfriend, the movie is also now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

And in this exclusive clip from the disc’s special featurette, “The Fabric of Attraction: Concocting The Lobster,” we see Farrell talking about one of the film’s very first scenes. Having arrived at a place called the Hotel, where all the singletons are sent to find mates or else be de-anthropomorphized, David (Farrell) is asked about his sexual orientation.

“Is there a bisexual option?” he asks.

“No, sir, I’m sorry, that option is no longer available,” the woman at the front desk replies.

Speaking to EW last spring, Farrell marveled at the script’s dialogue. “Oh, don’t you love that?” he said. “It says so much with just one little line.”

Also in the clip above, Farrell discusses the rules of the hotel, which were extensively written down on a waiver that his character has to sign — even though the audience never sees it. “I don’t think this sheet of paper will ever be seen,” he says, “but it was pretty astonishing to read it because it all made a brutal and absurd sense.”

EW has named The Lobster as the best movie of 2016 (so far). There’s no excuse to miss it now.

The Lobster
  • Movie
  • 118 minutes