Kevin Conroy and Tara Strong voice the caped crusaders

So far, Batman: The Killing Joke is living up to its checkered reputation. In recent days, Warner Bros’. animated adaptation of the infamous graphic novel created a stir at Comic-Con with a key change to the source material, and the movie went on to gross a strong $3.8 million during a two-day theatrical run.

As the film arrives on home video today, EW has a clip glimpsing the re-imagined — and hotly debated — relationship between Batman and Batgirl, which crosses the line from professional to personal.

The clip finds the Dark Knight (voiced by Kevin Conroy) admonishing his crime-fighting protégé (Tara Strong) for her inexperience. “We’re not equals, not even close,” he barks at her. “You haven’t been taken to the edge yet.”

“This isn’t about me,” Batgirl fires back. “It’s about us. It’s about you getting protective and sitting in judgment.”

The revamped Batman-Batgirl dynamic adds another wrinkle to an already controversial story, which features the Joker (Mark Hamill) torturing and paralyzing Batgirl’s civilian alter ego, Barbara Gordon.

Watch the excluslive clip above. The Killing Joke is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, VOD, and Digital HD.

Batman: The Killing Joke
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