By Samantha Highfill
August 02, 2016 at 03:25 PM EDT
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Bachelor in Paradise is headed back to Playa Escondida for its third season, and a few things will look familiar to viewers: Jorge is back behind the bar, Ashley I. is still crying her eyes out, and Jared is still doing his best to get away from her.

With that being said, Paradise is all about second chances, so fans can expect to see a new Bachelor “villain” or two on the search for redemption. “You’ll see this new and improved version of Lace [Morris],” host Chris Harrison says. “She was in the boat of wanting to redeem herself, and I’m really proud of her. Chad attempted to do the same thing. It’s just some people can’t be saved from themselves.”

Harrison, of course, is talking about Chad Johnson, the protein powder-loving hot head from JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette, otherwise known as the guy who nominated himself to be the next Bachelor. And according to Harrison, Chad came to Paradise with a new attitude… he just maybe didn’t leave with the same one. “One of the first things he did when he walked into paradise is shake my hand and say, ‘Hey I’m sorry, I’m turning over a new leaf, I want another chance, that’s not who I am.’ We’re all about second chances, we’re all about giving someone the opportunity to redeem themselves and come back and do it right. And god bless Chad. I guess he tried, I don’t know.”

Harrison continues, “It’s amazing to see someone so sweet and caring and apologetic at one point, and then so angry and aggressive and destructive immediately in another instance.”

Let’s not forget that Chad’s Bachelorette rival — or at least one of them — Evan Bass is also joining Paradise, which means that the new, reformed Chad will be tested. (And let’s not say he passes.) “They all had it out and Chad accepted his responsibility and part in the way he acted, but then, it just turns. It turns quickly. And that’s what you have to watch with Chad. When Hurricane Chad blows it, it comes in in a hurry.”

But aside from the Chad of it all, Harrison also promises, “This will be a successful season in paradise. There will be love and it will be hugely successful.” 

Whether he’s rooting for Sarah Herron and Carly Waddell to find love or trying to make sure Nick Viall, whom Harrison calls the “James Marsden of The Bachelor,” walks away with love, this season will be full of drama.

As Harrison puts it, “Bachelor in Paradise is my guilty pleasure. The Bachelor will always be my baby. It’s always going to be my day job that I love, but Bachelor in Paradise is my pint of Chunky Monkey at midnight: I can’t put it down, I can’t quit it, and I don’t want to quit it, but I know it may not be the best for me. It’s too good.”

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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