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As the Land of Untold Stories invades Storybrooke and the Evil Queen declares war, EW has decided it’s time to put Once Upon a Time executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis in The Hot Seat, where they have the option of answering your questions from Twitter with “Yes,” “No,” or “Can’t say.” Get the scoop below:

Is Page 23 an untold story?

ADAM HOROWITZ: Page 23, we’ve talked about it before, and it is talked about again, and I think we should leave it at that for now.

EDWARD KITSIS: I would say it’s proof of hope rather than an untold story.

Will there be a time jump this season?

KITSIS: Not in the beginning.

Will we see some domestic Emma and Hook in their home together?

KITSIS: Uh huh.


Will the Evil Queen set her sights on Snow specifically?

KITSIS: Absolutely.

HOROWITZ: She may have her sights on more than one thing, but Snow is very much back in the crosshairs.

KITSIS: Once again, the Evil Queen has returned to rip away everyone’s happy endings.

Will we see the backstory for the Dragon this season?

KITSIS: Perhaps.

Will we be getting more Emma flashbacks this season?

HOROWITZ: Perhaps.

Do any of the Untold Story characters come from the Enchanted Forest?

HOROWITZ: Perhaps.

KITSIS: It’s the Sayid episode [of Lost]: “Perhaps.”

Will we see more of Bandit Snow?

HOROWITZ: We sure hope so.

Will we see more of Henry and Violet’s relationship?

KITSIS: Absolutely.

Will there be backstory on Hook’s mother?

KITSIS: Perhaps. Have we not done that?

HOROWITZ: We have not done Hook’s mother.

KITSIS: Who’s his mom?

HOROWITZ: Exactly. Who is his mom? We will be venturing into Hook backstory territory.

Will Emma, Snow, and Charming deal with their issues as a family this season?

KITSIS: Absolutely.

HOROWITZ: Oh yeah. There’s some Charming—

KITSIS: They will be tested like never before.

Will Emma or Hook experience any lingering effects from being the Dark One?

KITSIS: Perhaps.

HOROWITZ: Being a Dark One is not something you just shake off.

Is magic itself an entity with its own agenda?

HOROWITZ: Yes, no, and maybe.

KITSIS: That literally just gave me a flashback. Are my hands moving?

HOROWITZ: In all seriousness, magic has so many different properties in the way we approach it in this show, to try to intellectualize it is not what we want to do. We do want it to be something that has a mystical thing to it.

KITSIS: But we can say the Force is strong.

Will we see the chipped cup again?


Can you really separate and destroy part of yourself?

HOROWITZ: That’s a great question.

KITSIS: That is the question that needs to be answered. I would say that is the first run of episodes.

Will we see any Jules Verne characters?

HOROWITZ: That’s a great question.

KITSIS: Perhaps.

HOROWITZ: I love Jules Verne.

Will Regina help raise Zelena and Robin Hood’s child?

KITSIS: I would definitely say that is a family that is slowly going to try to come together.

HOROWITZ: They’ve got a lot of things to figure out in the Zelena-Regina-Mills-Hood clan, but raising the baby is important.

Could Emma have more powers than she knows of?

KITSIS: Well, I think we all kind of do. Even me.

HOROWITZ: I know Emma is going to discover more about herself and what being a Savior means.

Can Regina only use light magic now?

HOROWITZ: It’s not a simple question to answer, but the splitting of Regina is not as simple as it first appears.

Are there Saviors in every land?

KITSIS: We’ll have to find out.

Does the Evil Queen love Henry?

KITSIS: Absolutely.

Does the fact that Rumple didn’t wake up Belle when he kissed her mean something?

HOROWITZ: It does.

KITSIS: It means they’re in a bad place.

HOROWITZ: But not a hopeless place.

Will we see the return of hero Rumple?

KITSIS: Boy, I don’t know.

HOROWITZ: I think we’re going to see hopefully a growth in Rumple that involves him coming to a new place, which we started to see at the end of last season. Whether heroism is involved in that probably is in the eye of the beholder.

Is baby Neal going to get some screen time this season?

KITSIS: Probably not.

HOROWITZ: Not a lot. He’s a baby.

KITSIS: He’s like the baby in Party of Five. What do people want to see from Neal?

If he has magic.

KITSIS: Ahh. Well then, maybe.

HOROWITZ: Perhaps.

Will we see any Dead of Summer folks come to OUAT?

HOROWITZ: Perhaps. Can’t say.

KITSIS: They’re a great group of actors. We tend to use the same over and over again.

Will they ever get an updated computer system at the sheriff’s office?

HOROWITZ: That is Windows 95, and that is pretty up to date!

KITSIS: They have put a request in, but due to going to the Underworld and Camelot, there is a backlog of municipal requests that we’re hoping Mayor Regina can sort through this year.

HOROWITZ: Season 9, they get Windows Vista.

Will we find out what happened to the lost souls in the Underworld?

HOROWITZ: Perhaps.

Will the untold stories include unknown stories for our favorite characters we already know and love?


Are you going to do Don Quixote?

KITSIS: Perhaps.

HOROWITZ: Maybe. Can’t say.

Will we see anyone return to the Enchanted Forest?

KITSIS: Probably.

HOROWITZ: We’re certainly going to spend some time there at some point.

Because of the Land of Untold Stories, will we see some of the Once Upon a Time in Wonderland characters this season?

KITSIS: Perhaps.

Will we learn anymore about Emma’s tattoo this season?

HOROWITZ: Can’t say.

Will we be seeing more Snow and Charming flashbacks from the Enchanted Forest in season 6?

KITSIS: Absolutely.


Will Hook find a job this season?

KITSIS: We’ve talked about that!

HOROWITZ: What exactly is Hook qualified for? That is the question that is an untold story.

Did Regina’s Dark Curse cause the Land of Untold Stories?

KITSIS: The curse did not cause the Land of Untold Stories.

Will we get to see Rumple’s mom soon?

KITSIS: Maybe.

Could Zelena’s baby be magical?


Will there be a wedding this season?

HOROWITZ: Can’t say or maybe or no or yes.

Will Belle give birth this season?

KITSIS: Can’t say.

HOROWITZ: Maybe. [Laughs]

Once Upon a Time returns Sunday, Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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