Bassist says band's fifth LP is 'all over the place' in its early writing stages

By Joey Nolfi
Updated August 01, 2016 at 07:27 PM EDT

Despite sitting out of The Killers’ latest touring lineup, bassist Mark Stoermer is busier than ever.

Prepping for the release of his third solo LP, Dark Arts, Stoermer has released a music video for the set’s new single, “Are Your Stars Out?” in addition to continuing work on the band’s next album.

“I’ve been doing the Killers since 2003 and I think about a thousand shows. I just needed to step away a while from that, but I’m still making the [new] record,” Stoermer told Billboard on his decision to take a step back from performing with the band to focus on making Dark Arts. “We kind of made an adult decision where we decided everybody should do what makes them happy. There was no big blowout or anything. Everyone’s supportive of each other. I made this decision to take a break from the road but they wanted to continue on the road; everything’s cool now.”

“Are Your Stars Out?” features a traditional rock sound and pensive lyrics, which the musician said were inspired by the J.D. Salinger short story, Seymour: An Introduction. The music video follows a young man as he forages through the woods, breaks into a secluded home, and dances amid psychedelic projections in a planetarium — all punctuated by scenes of Stoermer performing with his backing band.

While his attention has been occupied recently with work on Dark Arts, Stoermer indicated he’s still very much involved in the making of The Killers’ currently untitled fifth album, their first since 2012’s Battle Born.

“It’s coming, but it’s a process,” Stoermer noted. “There’s a lot of ideas but nothing’s set in stone. We’re still searching for direction and it could go a million different ways at this point. There are ideas; we’ve worked on it a lot. In a way we’re still in the early writing stages.”

When asked to pinpoint the album’s sound, he added: “It’s all over the place. There’s so many ideas and they’re so different that I don’t think it’s taken shape just yet. That’s what I meant saying it could go a million different ways… If you could grab a handful of songs there might be a sound there but it’s a pretty mixed bag right now.”

Dark Arts is available now for preorder on iTunes ahead of its Aug. 5 release. Watch the new music video for Stoermer’s “Are Your Stars Out?” in the clip above.