KT Tunstall first enchanted fans back in 2005 with “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree,” her breakout radio smash that wormed its way into TV theme songs and ad spots alike. But in 2014, after nine years and five albums in the often-unforgiving world of music, the Scottish-born singer was left feeling burnt out and dubious.

“As an artist I feel like I died,” she says in a release for her new album KIN. “I stopped. I gave up. I didn’t want to do it anymore.”

KIN, then, is her pièce de résistance. The impending album marks her first effort in two years, a relatively breakneck comeback considering she’d stuffed her belongings in storage, bought a house in Venice Beach, and enrolled in film school. Its second single, “Maybe It’s A Good Thing,” reclaims the hook-oriented acoustic pop that littered her debut LP, inspiring the vibrant music video premiering exclusively on EW below.

“The truth is, I’ve finally made peace with being a pop songwriter,” Tunstall says of her return. “This record was very much embracing my dharma as an artist, which is to write positive songs that have muscle, but also show their vulnerability.”

The joyous visual finds Tunstall shimmying amid an artful collage of graphic backdrops and color-blasted stop-motion stills. Directed by Yoni Weisberg (Band of Skulls, Courtney Barnett), it features a mélange of circular bursts, luminous triangle motifs, and thick-edged black-and-white lines.

“I loved the idea of pursuing that mixed media look. Yoni wrote a beautiful synopsis for what he wanted to do, where the world around me is interacting and reacting to me, all using beautiful textures and colors,” Tunstall tells EW.

Three quarters of the way through, the video bursts open like kaleidoscopic confetti, diving into a psychedelic potpourri of rapid fire visuals. Tunstall keeps pace, ramping up her dancing with wild-and-free hair flips and a trusty one-two punch.

“I thought my dancing was really bad, [but] I’m a big fan of the band Jungle from London, and they always do these awesome choreographed dance videos,” she says. “I love dancing, no matter how I look, and that’s how I want this whole album to make people feel, so I just did what felt good.”

Watch the video for “Maybe It’s A Good Thing” below. KIN is out Sept. 9 and is available for pre-order here.