Bourne's biggest outing could still be ahead of him

Following the rollout of brand-new Bourne adventure after a nine-year hiatus, fans are dying to know: Could Matt Damon return for another film in the megahit franchise?

“Yeah. It’s definitely open,” the Jason Bourne star says of returning again as the deadly superspy. “If there’s a story to tell, and we think people want to hear it, then who knows?”

There are also two other factors that would play a big part in Damon reprising his role of tortured Treadstone agent Jason Bourne for what would be his fifth film in the franchise and the sixth overall (Jeremy Renner starred in 2012’s The Bourne Legacy). The first? That’d be the willingness of director Paul Greengrass — with whom Damon worked on the first three Bourne films— to take on the project.

“I’m tied to Paul, whatever he wants to do,” says Damon. After all, the new Jason Bourne comes as a direct collaboration between the actor and director, who frequently discussed possible storylines and plots despite years spent away from the franchise.


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“We’re friends, so it would always come up in conversation,” shares Damon. “We didn’t want to dive into one unless we could make a movie that fit in that family and felt worthy. It’s kind of deceptively tricky, and so I think we were just leery of making it look like a job that was taken on cynically by any of us. To have made three of them that we loved, it just felt like we should live well enough alone unless we could make a good one.”

And the second factor crucial to making a fifth Jason Bourne film? That’d be Damon’s ability to whip himself back into Bourne’s impressively brawny shape — something that, with time, might grow increasingly difficult for the 45-year-old actor.

“I think if he’s jovial and jolly and looking like Santa Claus, the franchise itself has run out of room,” jokes Damon of Bourne looking anything less than impressively cut. “If Jason Bourne looks like he’s living well, we have no movie.”

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