By Jessica Derschowitz
July 29, 2016 at 03:40 PM EDT
Esther Horvath/FilmMagic

A young man from Wisconsin invited Steve Buscemi to join his family – without telling Steve Buscemi, or his family.

Clare Manion called out her brother Kevin’s prank in a tweet earlier this week that has since gone viral, noting how he had been covertly replacing family photos with snapshots of the Boardwalk Empire actor.

Manion told BuzzFeed her brother swapped one photo every day to see how long it would take for their parents to notice. According to her, he came up with the idea while they were bored over their summer break.

Their dad caught on to the joke after the second day, she added, but it took their mother five days to notice. The giveaway? When he pulled the switch on his senior photo.

“She was confused but she thinks it’s hilarious,” she tweeted after the jig was up. As for Kevin, he wrote, “It’s safe to say I’ve peaked.”

See Manion’s original tweet below.