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Can you tell us anything about The Flash, specifically about Barry Allen? Thanks! — Conor

In the Flashpoint timeline, we’ll find Barry truly appreciating the opportunity to spend quality time with his now-dead parents, but it won’t be long before he faces the consequences of tinkering with time. “He’s starting to have new memories of graduating high school and college, memories he never had with his parents, but those memories are replacing other things from the other timeline,” Grant Gustin teases.

Is there anything Adam Horowitz can tell us about Rumbelle during season 6 of Once Upon a Time? — rumbelletrueluv

What if I let Emilie de Ravin tell you about Belle getting out of the box? “The way she is extracted, how it happens and the characters that are involved is really cool, and it reveals a lot about her relationship and her past/future,” de Ravin says, noting that the show will explore more of Belle’s independence this season. “It’s been a long time coming. Now that she’s pregnant, and now that she knows that it’s not really just about her anymore, she has to take responsibility for this other little person. That’s making her head spin a little bit with regard to, ‘Okay, I can spend my life trying to fix this person, whether it’s for me or for him, but if it’s affecting someone else now, it’s a game changer.’ It puts a little bit of spanner in the works for their marriage for a bit. There’s some alone time to be had.” Update: More OUAT scoop here.

What can you tease about the new season of Elementary? — Molly

I can exclusively reveal that Virginia Madsen will reprise her role as Gregson’s love interest Paige in the third episode of the season. “We’re going to see that relationship continue to evolve and advance,” EP Rob Doherty teases.

Anything on Kurt from Blindspot? — ablindspotter

I hear Kurt is going to receive some game-changing news early in the season that will change not only his life, but certainly raise new questions about the future of Jeller — if those feelings still exist after what Jane did.

What can we expect from the end of this season of UnREAL? — Carly

Rachel has hit rock bottom, but she’ll be climbing her way out soon. “She’s making a comeback,” Shiri Appleby says of the final episodes of season 2. “She really wants to put her personal drama aside and focus on work. I think it’s much easier to focus on work than to deal with your own issues.” Now the question remains who will win Everlasting. Sorry, Appleby’s not spilling, but rest assured, the season does​ end with a winner. “It’s probably not who people are expecting,” she says. “It definitely surprises Quinn.”

Any scoop on the upcoming seasons of Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. or Chicago Med? — Taylor

I choose P.D.! In the wake of whatever happened with Voight and the man who killed his son, Lindsey will be turning more to Jay for support when the season kicks off. “Jay is really the one person that she has in her world that she can trust who is safe,” Sophia Bush tells me. “That finale moment with Voight is a reminder that while Voight has been a stabilizing factor in her life, at this moment he is not stable, he’s not a person who is going to bring any safety in her world. Jay has her back. Jay also is such a good guy and such a good cop; she really needs that right now. It’s no small thing for her to have him to fall back on. Now, is she going to tell him everything? No, I don’t think so. But she certainly appreciates his presence and support.”

Please give me some scoop on the Legion of Doom coming to Legends of Tomorrow. — Misha

Sure, Vandal Savage being an immortal made him a formidable foe, but the fact that Damien Darhk killed Laurel and Malcolm Merlyn had Thea slay Sara will heighten the tension for the White Canary. “This season, there are some people high on her kill list,” Caity Lotz says. “I’m excited for my character to have a strong, emotional and personal connection to these bad guys. It’s a lot of fuel for the fire this season for Sara.”

What’s next on Dead of Summer? — Francine

As everyone at camp is reeling in the wake of Cricket’s death, Deb gets a blast from her past. In fact, Tuesday’s episode will finally shed some light on her history and why she reopened the camp.

Anything new to tease for Lucifer? — Tony

Lucifer’s therapy sessions with Dr. Linda Martin will focus at first on mommy issues — Tricia Helfer is coming in as mommy dearest — but the sessions will soon take a turn. “Lucifer is still always choosy about what he says to Dr. Martin, but there are times where she really hits a nerve and stuff comes out that’s quite a discovery for both of them actually. We’ve got some big stuff coming up with Dr. Linda around episode 6 or 7; there’s some quite big storylines happening.”

I know it only just ended, but anything on season 3 of 12 Monkeys? — Kenta

Whenever the Army of the 12 Monkeys targeted Cole and Cassie, they always made sure the duo escaped unharmed — and now we know why. But now that the Witness has been conceived, I wonder if that means Cole is no longer safe. “It certainly would appear that way, unless the Witness has some amazing relationship with his father, which it does not seem to me like he does, so we will see,” EP Terry Matalas says.

Best news I’ve heard all week: I can’t wait to learn more about Liz Keen’s mother on The Blacklist!

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Additional reporting by Shirley Li.

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