Kanye West and Taylor Swift might be the latest feud dominating pop culture, but the longest and funniest rivalry still belongs to Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel.

During a recent SiriusXM Town Hall interview, an audience member asked Damon about the funny rift between he and the late-night host. “I don’t see anything funny about it,” he laughed. “I’ve spent thousands and thousands and thousands of hours of my life sitting backstage waiting to come on and every single night he says… we just had some couples therapy last week and he said time management was his problem, but somehow it doesn’t get in the way of him letting other people on the show with plenty of time.”

The ongoing fake feud started in the early days of Jimmy Kimmel Live, when randomly at the end of a show, Kimmel decided to sign off by apologizing to the Jason Bourne star for bumping him from the show because they ran out of time, even though Damon wasn’t actually there. The joke has now become the host’s signature sign-off.

Over the years, the duo have had gone back and forth with various pranks on the show, including Kimmel’s then-girlfriend Sarah Silverman making the song “I’m F—ing Matt Damon,” which prompted Kimmel to respond with, “I’m F—ing Ben Affleck.”

One of the latest entries in the saga came in February when Affleck smuggled Damon onto Kimmel’s live Academy Awards after show. “I said I was nominated this year, at least I should get on the show tonight,” said Damon. “So I went over there and we got in a stunt harness, which helped [Affleck] bare my 200 pounds, but they put us in it really early because they were worried, it’s a live show and they can’t edit it at all. So I climb up and now Ben’s supporting all my weight and he’s in this, like, power squat and the door’s getting ready to open and we’re back there and I start to feel his legs shaking after 30 seconds.”

As they waited to be brought out on stage, he began to worry about his best friend and collaborator from their Academy Award-winning film, Good Will Hunting. “I’m like, ‘Are you alright dude?,’ recalled Damon. “And he’s like, ‘(cough) I’m good (cough).’ And then they’re like, ‘Okay Ben, 45 seconds,’ and he goes, ’45 seconds?’ So if you ever watch that interview again, he gets out there and I get out and then throughout the course of his interview, he’s sweating more and more because it just hit him, like, he did basically a two-minute power squat.”

Watch the full clip of Damon above, and see their February appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live below. Jason Bourne is now in theaters.

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