Credit: C-SPAN

Hillary Clinton was all smiles at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night as she accepted the party’s nomination for president, but she expressed her joy at the convention 20 years ago when she was First Lady in a different way — dancing to the “Macarena.”

In 1996 at the DNC in Chicago, where Clinton’s husband Bill was being nominated for his second term, the event’s theme song was Spanish group Los del Rio’s “Macarena,” a tune that had been sweeping the nation over the previous year.

Delegates throughout the convention were joining in on the new dance craze; even Vice President Al Gore referenced the song in his speech and jokingly did his version, which involved him standing still and doing nothing.

Yet, the most memorable “Macarena” moves belong to Clinton, who does her own interpretation, which involves lots of smiling, clapping her hands, and slightly moving side-to-side. That’s okay, not all First Ladies can have Michelle Obama’s moves.

Watch the clip of Clinton’s dance moves below.