Message was 'never intended to be a political endorsement,' studio says
Credit: Hopper Stone

Sony Pictures has deleted a controversial tweet from the official Ghostbusters account that was widely interpreted as supporting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Originally posted Wednesday, a day after Clinton officially became the first female nominee of a major political party, the tweet said, “Boo-yah, we smashed your glass ceiling. There was a ghost behind it. #ImWithHer #BustTheCeiling #Ghostbusters.” The tweet was accompanied by a GIF of Dr. Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) winking, along with a second message: “2016 — The year we busted ghosts and the glass ceiling. #ImWithThem.”

In a statement to EW, a Sony spokesperson said, “The tweet was never intended to be a political endorsement. It was a shout-out to our own glass ceiling-busters.”

Ever since the studio’s female-led Ghostbusters reboot was announced, the project has been accused — mostly by a small, vocal minority — of having a feminist agenda. And while the tweet did not mention Clinton by name, the hashtag #ImWithHer is closely linked to her campaign.

Though Sony attempted to distance itself from the tweet, Ghostbusters director Paul Feig stood by it. “I guarantee that none of us — producers or filmmakers — would have taken this tweet down,” he told The Wrap on Friday.

“We are pro-woman and all about smashing the glass ceiling, and we support the message of this deleted tweet,” he added. “And I personally am very much pro-Hillary.”

A screenshot of the deleted tweet can be seen below.

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