Demonic possession is back, in a big way.

After years of domination by vampires and zombies, pop culture has fallen back in love with good old-fashioned exorcism. In the real world, Catholic priests are in high demand to perform real-life exorcisms. On TV, Robert Kirkman’s new Cinemax series, Outcast, has already featured gruesome exorcisms since premiering in June. This fall, however, the king of the genre returns with Fox’s TV-show adaptation of The Exorcist.

Originally a book by William Peter Blatty, The Exorcist was adapted to film by director William Freidkin in 1973, a movie widely acknowledged as one of the scariest of all time. Fox has described the show as a modern reinvention of Blatty’s novel, featuring young priest Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) coming to grips with the reality of demons just in time to save some cursed children. The Comic-Con trailer showcased plenty of grotesque snapshots. Check out the exclusive key art below, an homage to the film’s most iconic scene (the possessed girl’s head turning around on its axis), and proof that this new Exorcist will have just as much scare power as its forebears.

The Exorcist, which also stars Geena Davis, will premiere Sep. 23 on Fox.

The Exorcist

Fox’s 2016 TV series stars Geena Davis.

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