Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Actress Chloë Grace Moretz is more than a little excited about voting in her first general election.

The 19-year-old actress spoke Thursday evening at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, urging fellow young people to get to the polls.

Moretz recalled registering to vote when she got her driver’s license. “It took just a minute,” she said, but “it gave me the power of a lifetime, the power to make my voice heard and to shape the future of our country.”

The actress pointed out that millennials make up the largest generation of Americans since the baby boomers, but only four out of five millennials voted in the 2014 congressional election. “So just imagine, imagine what can happen if we all make our voices heard this November at the ballot box,” the Kick-Ass star said. “We can elect a president who will fight to give every American a chance to graduate from college debt-free. We can elect a president who will fight for equal pay for equal work.”

The DNC wraps up Thursday night with Clinton’s keynote address, where she will accept her party’s nomination.

See Moretz’s full speech above.