Husband Chris Pratt will write the foreword

Credit: Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images

Anna Faris is spinning her comedic podcast into print for her upcoming memoir, Unqualified, it was announced Thursday.

Lifted from the candid advice she doles out over the airwaves on Anna Faris is Unqualified, the book will share Faris’ take on “how to navigate the bizarre, chaotic and worthwhile adventure of finding love,” according to a release. She’ll trace her rise from awkward teen to Hollywood starlet, recounting both relationship misfires and her marriage to Chris Pratt, who will also write the foreword.

Unqualified is in development with Dutton, who previously published Drew Barrymore’s Wildflower, Rainn Wilson’s The Bassoon King, and Nick Offerman’s Gumption and Paddle Your Own Canoe.

“After years of telling people I don’t know what I’m talking about concerning a whole host of topics, it is deeply gratifying to learn that Dutton whole-heartedly agrees,” Faris said in the release. “I could not be more excited to get my stories – on love, relationships and courtship – to the people who not only buy books, but then actually read those books. Namaste.”