Credit: Richard Vogel/AP

Pokémon Go may have taken the world by storm — setting iTunes App Store records, becoming the subject of a Simpsons bit — but not everyone’s impressed.

In a new Honest Trailer for the game, Smosh Games playfully expressed its disappointment in Niantic’s game, calling it a “groundbreaking combination of mild cardio, Google Maps, and Paper Toss.” The trailer teases the game for “throwing out all of the stuff that made Pokémon interesting and keeping the part where you walk back and forth in the grass until something interesting happens.”

The clip will also lead you to a horrifying realization that might make you think twice about leveling up your Pokémon and forcing them to evolve. It points out that the game features “a grinding system that will literally have you grinding the Pokémon you catch into candies that you force feed to the Pokémon you kept alive.”

The trailer voice adds, “It wasn’t enough to catch a team fighting slaves, now you make them eat their friends too,” before cutting to an adorable clip of Pikachu crying.

Watch the entire trailer above, process it, and then head back outside to become the very best like no one ever was.