By Clark Collis
Updated July 27, 2016 at 04:41 PM EDT

The new science-fiction film Maximum Ride is based on a best-selling series of books by James Patterson and concerns a group of DNA-enhanced orphans with the ability to fly. Their quest? To rescue the youngest of their flock while discovering the diabolical, scientific secrets of how they came to exist. Among their problems? Brutal half-human/half-wolf creations known as “Erasers.”

Directed by Jay Martin and produced by YouTube star Jenna Marbles, the film stars Allie Marie Evans, Patrick Johnson, Lyliana Wray, Luke Gregory Crosby, Gavin Lewis, Tetona Jackson, Zayne Emory, Carrie Wampler, and Peter O’Brien.

Maximum Ride is released via Digital HD, Aug. 30, and on VOD, Sept. 30, when the film will also be distributed to a limited number of theaters by Tugg.

You can see the exclusive trailer for Maximum Ride above.