'He has no clue about what makes America great,' VP says at DNC

By Oliver Gettell
Updated July 27, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

Joe Biden dropped the M-bomb on Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention: malarkey.

In a forceful speech Wednesday in Philadelphia, the vice president blasted the Republican presidential nominee as cynical, dishonest, and dangerous — and even criticized the former Apprentice host’s signature phrase.

“His cynicism is unbounded,” Biden said of Trump. “His lack of empathy and compassion can be summed up in the phrase I suspect he’s most proud of having made famous: ‘You’re fired.'”

He continued, “Think about that. Think about everything you learned as a child, no matter where you were raised. How can there be pleasure in saying, ‘You’re fired?’ He’s trying to tell us he cares about the middle class? Give me a break — that’s a bunch of malarkey!”

Biden’s passionate delivery earned roars of approval from the crowd, and his choice of old-fashioned slang delighted many Twitter users.

The VP pressed on, turning Trump’s own campaign slogan against him. “He has no clue about what makes America great,” he said. “Actually, he has no clue, period.”

Elsewhere in his wide-ranging speech, Biden hailed Barack Obama as “one of the finest presidents we have ever had”; praised first lady Michelle Obama as “incredible”; paid tribute to his late son, Beau Biden, who died of cancer last year; and endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as someone who has “always been there” for the American people.

Watch a clip from Biden’s speech above.