By Derek Lawrence
July 27, 2016 at 05:13 PM EDT
Mike Pont/Getty Images

Homeland has elected its new president.

The Showtime drama has cast Elizabeth Marvel as President-elect Elizabeth Keane, EW has learned. Homeland’s new president seems to parallel the recently named Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Not only is Keane a female, but she’s a former senator from New York, who is described as a natural politician.

This isn’t Marvel’s first time making a bid for the White House, as she previously starred as Heather Dunbar on Netflix’s House of Cards. She also recently had a recurring role on season 2 of Fargo, playing Peggy’s ill-fated boss Constance.

After spending the last few seasons abroad, Homeland is returning to the U.S., with the new season picking up a few months after Carrie thwarts the terrorist attack in Berlin. She is now living in Brooklyn and working at a foundation aimed at providing aid to Muslims living in the country.

Showrunner Alex Gansa previously told EW that season 6 will be completely set during the time period from Election Day in November to the inauguration of a new president in January.

“There is this strange period in America where there are 72 days when it’s not exactly clear who’s in charge, and there is a new president that needs to be educated on what it means to be president,” Gansa told EW. “That is a very complex transfer of power filled with all kinds of anxiety and different competing interests — How do I get the ear of the new president? How does the new president elect deal with the president that’s going out? — and it’s a dangerous time in our democracy.”

Homeland will return to Showtime in January 2017.