Sigourney Weaver introduced the star-studded short

By Oliver Gettell
Updated July 27, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Youtube

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sigourney Weaver, and James Cameron were among the Hollywood celebrities delivering a warning about the dangers of climate change at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

Schwarzenegger, the Republican former governor of California and successor to Donald Trump as host of Celebrity Apprentice, appeared in a short film produced by Cameron to highlight the immediate and ongoing effects of global warming.

“Because of global warming, mountain snow now melts earlier each year,” Schwarzenegger says in Not Reality TV, over images of raging fires. “When that happens, the ground dries up earlier too.” He is then seen walking through a charred landscape in firefighting gear.

Weaver narrates the film, which also features Jack Black, America Ferrera, and Don Cheadle, and she introduced it at the convention. In her remarks, Weaver gave examples of people affected by global warming and called out Republican presidential nominee Trump for his denials of climate change.

“Can Donald Trump look these people in the eye and tell them climate change is a hoax, and that there is nothing we can do?” she said. “That he doesn’t care about their pain? This is a moment when we as a nation have to decide whether we will ignore the facts and allow people to continue to suffer, or whether we will come together to do what’s right.”

Cameron, meanwhile, told reporters at the convention that Trump is “a madman” and “incredibly reckless, incredibly dangerous” when it comes to global warming.

Watch Not Reality TV above.