Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Actress Angela Bassett spoke out against gun violence Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday. She also introduced two survivors of last year’s mass shooting at a church in Charleston, where nine people were murdered.

Bassett began her speech by recounting the tragedy and naming each of the victims, all of whom were African-American. “They were gathered to pray, he walked in an outsider, a stranger,” states the actress. “They welcomed him but then he opened fire. He stole their lives,” said the American Horror Story actress. “We say their names, but that is not enough, is it?”

The Oscar nominee went on to echo Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s words after the shooting. “Hillary Clinton challenged all of us to turn our grief into action,” Bassett said. The actress also recalled her visit earlier this year to Charleston, a city whose soul “burns with resilience,” she said. “It fuels their resistance. It brought down the Confederate flag and it brings the Charleston community closer together every day.”

A clip of Bassett’s speech can be seen below.