When it comes to battling crime, it’s not the size of the detective in the fight — it’s the size of the fight in the detective.

In the new family-friendly caper Ace the Case: Manhattan Mystery, 10-year-old Ripley Sobo (Steve Jobs, Matilda the Musical) plays a plucky amateur sleuth who matches wits with three scheming crooks, and EW has an exclusive first look at the trailer.

Written and directed by Kevin Kaufman, Ace the Case stars Sobo as Olivia Haden, an intrepid tween who witnesses a brazen kidnapping and reports it to the NYPD. At first it seems like no one will listen, but she lucks out by meeting a tough but sympathetic detective named Dottie Wheel.

Played by none other than Susan Sarandon, Dottie helps get to the bottom of the mystery while dropping such pearls of wisdom as, “Just because you’re running after bad guys doesn’t mean you can’t wear heels.”

Ace the Case opens Aug. 26 in select theaters and on VOD. Watch the trailer above.