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Any dad who introduces his kids to Beyoncé should get enough cool points for a lifetime — but Denis Leary got slapped with a deficit during the actor’s amazingly awkward encounter with the superstar.

Back in 2008, Leary hosted a Fashion Rocks benefit concert where Queen Bey was set to take center stage, and he wasn’t about to miss an opportunity to introduce his daughter to her favorite singer in the world.

“I looked at it and went, this is my chance — she was a teenager then — to get big cool points,” he told Jimmy Fallon on Monday’s Tonight Show. “I go, ‘Hey, why don’t you get a bunch of girlfriends from school and bring them to the show? You know, I’m hosting. I’ll get backstage tickets and I’ll introduce you guys to Beyoncé after the show.”

Finally, the group’s big night arrived.

“The girls are all excited,” Leary explained. “Beyoncé comes out of the dressing room, and I go, ‘Beyoncé, you were great tonight.'”

Then came the heartbreaking kicker: “She goes, ‘So were you, Bryan.’ She thought I was Bryan Adams!”

With Fallon and his audience cracking up, Leary revealed it got more cringe-worthy.

“Meanwhile, I go, ‘Thanks, Beyoncé! See ya later,'” Leary said. “So the girls are like, ‘Dad, she thinks you’re Bryan Adams.’ I’m like, ‘Listen, if she thinks I’m Ellen DeGeneres, I’m Ellen DeGeneres. It’s Beyoncé. Beyoncé makes the call.'”

Learn more about Leary’s Beyoncé moment gone wrong in the video below.

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