Credit: Daniel Boczarski/Redferns

The new trailer for Steve Aoki’s Netflix documentary I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead takes viewers behind the DJ stage.

In the clip, which you can see above, Aoki reflects on the ups and downs in his journey to becoming an electro house icon, record producer and music executive — a career that Aokie calls “the ultimate rush, the truest of addictions.”

The musician said that his longing for his father’s validation led him to seek success no matter the cost. His father, Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki, was a professional wrestler and eventual founder of the Japanese restaurant chain Benihana.

The documentary is produced by David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi), Matthew Weaver (Rock of Ages), Matt Colon, and Happy Weaver.

Steve Aoki: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead is set to be released on Netflix worldwide on Aug. 19.