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According to John Oliver, last week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland was “the most apocalyptic thing ever to happen to that city,” even though their “river has repeatedly caught fire.” Oliver laid out his argument on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, starting off with the selection of speakers who sought to demonstrate how the party’s candidate, Donald Trump, is a “visionary.”

“Now, before you laugh, you cannot say Donald Trump is not a visionary,” said Oliver. “For a long time, he was the only one who envisioned himself as a presidential nominee. He is basically what happens if The Secret gets into the wrong hands.”

However, “that message of Trump as a skilled manager was somewhat undercut by the fact that the entire convention was a mismanaged sh–show,” Oliver said. His prime examples: Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech and how Ted Cruz avoided endorsing Trump, which Trump was fully aware of hours before Cruz got booed off stage.

Overall, Oliver found the convention to be a “four-day exercise in emphasizing feelings over facts” when analyzing the nation. “What do you mean it feels stuck? The economy is about numbers — feelings are supposed to be irrelevant,” Oliver said in response to a comment made by Paul Ryan during his speech.

The host also went after Trump’s speech: “This focus on feelings reached its apex in Donald Trump’s acceptance speech, which was light on concrete policy, but heavy on provoking strong emotions,” Oliver said, adding that Trump’s commentary on crime, corruption, poverty, violence, war, and destruction left Oliver scared. “Holy sh–. He sounds like he’s about to announce the first annual Hunger Games,” Oliver quipped.

He’s not buying into the message, though — and he wants Americans to remember some facts: “It is worth noting that since President Obama took office, crime rates, the flow of illegal immigrants over our borders, and claims for unemployment benefits have all declined, and yet frighteningly, when reporters started pointing that out, it didn’t seem to matter.”

Watch Oliver’s full analysis of the RNC in the video below.

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