Credit: Funny or Die

It’s the age of social media stars — so much so that they’ve targets for parody. That’s exactly what Funny or Die is out to do with Tween Fest, one of their two new eight-episode original series created in partnership with go90.

Premiering on Aug. 3, Tween Fest will follow the eponymous event of the same name, a two-weekend outdoor festival built around social media influencers. In this world, those influencers create YouTube videos about pimple-popping and make fans cry with their emoji-laden Venmo payments.

Puns about “streaming” abound as the single dad organizing the festival (John Michael Higgins) tries to showcase his daughter’s (Joey King) singing talent and keep everything from falling apart. Drew Tarver, Arden Cho, and Lou Wilson also star, with Jane Lynch and Chris Parnell rounding out the supporting cast.

The other series, Our Fascinating Planet, will launch this fall as a parody of Planet Earth and Cosmos-type shows. Created, directed, and hosted by comedian Demetri Martin, Our Fascinating Planet will contain the same wondrous views on nature, but none of the factual accuracy.

Watch the trailer for Tween Fest below. The series launches Aug. 3, with new episodes on subsequent Wednesdays. Tween Fest Series Trailer – watch more funny videos