The Netflix special debuts Aug. 5

By Ariana Bacle
July 25, 2016 at 02:53 PM EDT

David Cross‘ Arrested Development character was notably a never-nude, but not the man who plays him: In the trailer for his upcoming Netflix stand-up special, Making America Great Again!, the comedian teases that “there will be some nudity” in his hour. “Some mildly tasteful, some outrageously offensive.”

Right before that, though, he also tells a fan that he’ll be doing “a chunk of time on next year’s CMAs” — in other words, he’s not to be trusted. 

This marks Cross’ first special since 2010’s Bigger and Blackerer. He kicked off the Making America Great Again! tour this past January and wrapped in April. The special was filmed in April at the Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin, Texas, before he embarked on an international leg of his tour, which ends this week in Canada.

“I am extremely excited to get back out on the road after five long years away,” he said in a statement announcing the run of dates. “I was very busy writing for The View, but now that the kids are off to college, my wife’s regiment has been transferred to McMurdo Station in the South Pole, and I’m near completion on Fallout 4, it’s time to start up the bus and bring my patented, fart-inducing laugh winces to a town near you.”

And now he’s bringing it to a screen near you, too. Watch the trailer — which also includes Cross talking about his morning ritual involving the Statue of Liberty — above, and see Making America Great Again! when it debuts on Netflix on Aug. 5.