Credit: Todd Williamson/Getty Images

For the better part of far too long, Leslie Jones has endured racist, sexist criticism on social media simply for doing her job. Now, the Ghostbusters and Saturday Night Live actress is using her platform to spread a message of peace in the face of a taxing diatribe.

“It’s so sad I use to love coming on here. But now so much hate on my feed. That sometimes outshines the love cause it’s so bad,” she tweeted Sunday. “Which is sad cause I love my fans. So I’m either a [punk] for not taking it or a bitch and unprofessional for saying anything. Can’t win.”

Jones previously left Twitter altogether over the hurtful comments she received, sparked in part by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos, who was later banned from Twitter after repeatedly breaching its terms of service.

Still, Jones is keeping her sights set on a positive outcome to the ordeal.

“I’m not a hateful person and just like people to be happy.these unhappy people that send stuff well just very disheartening.I feel for them. before they write a story lol I’m not leaving I’m just saying that we have so much hate &sadness in the world.Go out and be nice to someone,” she wrote. “hurting people hurt people. Most of these people I don’t think they believe in the stuff they say. It’s just a lot of hurt, hug someone. We have to start there.So I won’t answer the trolls with hate anymore just love.And then block and report they ass lol.Won’t do hate anymore.”

Scores of fans and fellow celebrities came to Jones’ defense after the Yiannopoulos-headed assault. Feig called the attacks the product of “pure racism” during an appearance on Chelsea, while stars like Anna Kendrick, Margaret Cho, Jada Pinkett Smith, Brie Larson, Chelsea Peretti, and John Boyega offered their support on social media as well.

Jones also warned haters that, while she plans to take the high road in the future, she isn’t succumbing to the insults.

“I need everyone to know that I’ve been through enough in my life,” she said. “Nothing will stop me!! Especially hate! I am a WARRIOR! Don’t forget that!”